Following A Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey Eye Attempt

Courage seemed to be in short supply as Cree re-watched Jaclyn’s video. It seemed easy enough, all he had to do was press record and try it out. Instead, Cree pressed play one more time.

The Tutorial

My Attempt

As soon as he finished watching her video, he pressed the little red circle and began recording.

It took every ounce of self control not to delete the video and start again. Cree hadn’t prepared most of the materials she used, and didn’t even bother doing a cat eye.

“But I did it,” Cree said aloud. It had taken every ounce of self control, but he’d finally posted his first personal video with him as the star.

Lessons Learned

As Cree pressed upload, he felt his nerves begin to give. He needed this. so he sat up straight, and rolled his shoulders back… resulting in his breasts protruding way more than they needed to. He immediately dropped his shoulders to stop that.

Things Done Well

  • Finally posting a video that isn’t political
  • Made myself the star/focus
  • Kept going when I realized I wasn’t ready

Things To Improve

  • Prepare my tools ahead of time
  • Create a script to avoid blabbing
  • Keep trying despite any setbacks

Counting My Blessings

  • I’m grateful that the most stressful part of my evening is making a YouTube video for my blog.

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